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Back to School Statistics


By August in the United States, Summer break has nearly come to an end for students and teachers across the country. With the end of vacation, students can look forward to more opportunities to learn, possibly even about statistics.

The U.S. Census Bureau collects data from other federal agencies concerning education and back to school time. What follows are some of their most up to date school related statistics.

Back to School Statistics

  • $7.7 billion dollars were spent in August 2011 at family clothing stores. This is up 300 million from this same time in 2010.
  • Bookstores look at August as their month for highest sales. In August 2011 they sold a total of $2.4 billion.
  • In 2009 70% of students from elementary up to high school were reported as being highly engaged in school. To be highly engaged meant that a student liked school, was interested in school, and worked hard.
  • In October of 2010 a total of 79 million students were counted in the U.S. This number goes all the way down to preschool and all the way up to college.
  • Of the entire U.S. population aged three or above, 27% of them are students.
  • 72% of children aged three to six attended all-day kindergarten in October of 2010.
  • In October 2009 of all students from ages 12 to 17, 27% of them were in at least one gifted class.
  • Approximately 3 million high school diplomas will be earned in the coming year.
  • The average amount spent per public school student in 2009 was $10,499.
  • In 2009 median earnings for workers with the following educational achievements were as follows:
    • Median earnings of $25,000 for less than a high school diploma.
    • Median earnings of $33,000 for a high school diploma.
    • Median earnings of $56,000 for a bachelor’s degree.
    • Median earnings of $79,000 for an advanced degree.
  • In 2010 of those attending school part time 34% of them were 35 and older.
  • In the year 2010 of all 18 to 24 year olds, 41% were enrolled in college.
  • Of all graduate and undergraduates in 2010, 56% of them were women.
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