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Applications of Statistics

You can find statistics just about anywhere. See how different areas of statistics apply to real world problems.

Baseball Statistics for Beginners
Baseball is a sport with a variety of statistics. Many of these are difficult to understand for a beginner as they are commonly referred to in abbreviations.

What Is the Redskins Rule?
The Redskins Rule is a surprising link between the winner of a particular quadrennial football game and which party wins the U.S. Presidential Election.

Christmas Statistics
Celebrate Christmas with these Christmas related statistics.

Halloween Statistics 2011
Have you ever wondered how many trick or treaters go from house to house? How much candy is consumed each year in the United States? How many pumpkins are there that could be carved? Find out with these Halloween statistics.

Statistics and Political Polls
Find out how statistics is used in political polls and what questions you should ask when you read the results of a poll.

Millions, Billions and Trillions
Numbers such as a billion and trillion are large, but how big are they? How much bigger is a trillion than a billion? There are all sorts of different ways to think about these large numbers.

What Is a Genius I.Q. Score?
How statistics and the bell curve play a role in I.Q. testing.

Baseball Statistics Glossary
Definitions of the statistical terms you may come across when someone takes you out to the ballgame.

American FactFinder
The American FactFinder provides information and data from the 2010 U.S. Census.

Veterans Statistics
Celebrate Veterans Day by seeing some statistics related to veterans.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
This is the home for the part of the U.S. Department of Labor that measures labor activity and the economy.

Back to School Statistics
At the end of summer break, it's back to school time in the U.S. Learn more about back to school statistics.

Thanksgiving Statistics
Celebrate Thanksgiving with these Thanksgiving related statistics.

What Are the Odds of Winning the Lottery?
Lotteries are required by law to state the odds of winning. Where do these numbers come from? They're really just probabilities. Find out how they are calculated and how likely it is that you will win the lottery.

What Is the St. Petersburg Paradox?
The St. Petersburg paradox is an illustration where simply relying upon the expected value to analyze a situtation will lead us to a conclusion that no rational person would make. Would you play the St. Petersburg lottery?

Super Bowl Statistics
This is a listing of Super Bowl results from 1967 to the present.

Valentine's Day Statistics
This is a collection of Valentine's Day statistics.

Groundhog Day Statistics
How many times over the years has the groundhog seen his shadow? With this compilation of Punxsutawney Phil's forecasts, you can find out.

Leap Day Statistics
From leap day birthdays and mean solar years, a variety of statistical concepts are related to leap day and leap year.

March Madness Statistics
The NCAA Division I Basketball Championship has a wealth of statistics. Find out how often do #7 seeds beat #10 seeds, as well as other statistical aspects of March Madness.

Entrance and Exit Polls
Two types of political polls that ask actual, rather than potential, voters questions are entrance and exit polls. These types of polls have some advantages over other opinion polls, but there are some limitations as well.

Father's Day Statistics
Find out more interesting statistics pertaining to U.S. Independence Day for July 4th

Fourth of July Statistics
Find out more interesting statistics pertaining to U.S. Independence Day for July 4th

Labor Day Statistics
The first Monday of the month in September is Labor Day. Find out about labor related statistics in the United States.

What Is Bootstrapping in Statistics?
Bootstrapping is an interesting technique in statistics that almost seems to work like magic. This is why it receives its colorful name.

Example of Bootstrapping
Bootstrapping is a statistical technique that is very computational in nature. This article shows how one such bootstrap resampling would be done to compute a confidence interval about a mean.

What Is the Probability of Being Dealt a Royal Flush?
A royal flush is the highest ranked hand in the game of poker. Find out how rare this hand is.

What Is Benford's Law?
Benford's Law is a surprising result regarding the first or leading digits of quantitative data.

What Is a Double Blind Experiment?
Double blind experiments are important in statistical practice because they can help us to minimize the effects of lurking variables.

What Is a Placebo?
Placebos are used for the control group in an experiment involving pharmaceutical testing. They are treatments with no medicinal value.

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