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7 Common Graphs in Statistics

Graphs help statisticians to visualize data. But not all graphs are created equally. Different situations call for different depictions of data. Learn more about seven of the most common graphs in statistics, and when you should use them.

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What Is a One-Tailed Test?

One-tailed tests of significance occur throughout statistics when our alternative hypothesis contains an inequality.

What Is the Trichotomy Property?

The trichotomy property in mathematics is important because of what is says about ordering of the real numbers.

Example of an ANOVA Calculation

One factor analysis of variance (ANOVA) is a useful statistical tool. See the worked out details of a sample ANOVA calculation.

How to Calculate the Rank Correlation Coefficient

See three examples of how to calculate Spearman's rank correlation coefficient.

What Is the Rank Correlation Coefficient?

Spearman's rank correlation coefficient can be used to analyze the agreement between two sets of rankings of the same list.

Use of the Median with the Runs Test

The median can be used with the runs test when we have quantitative data.

What Is a Paired Difference?

Paired differences arise in statistics when working with paired data. See how to form a paired difference and why we use these.

Pascal, Fermat and the Birth of Probability

Learn more about the beginnings of probability when Pascal and Fermat teamed up to solve a problem involving dice.

Common Maclaurin Series

See formulas for some of the most common Maclaurin Series

What Are Maclaurin Series?

Maclaurin Series use the derivatives of a function as coefficients in a power series. They can be used for a number of applications.

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